Management Team

Doug Smith - President

Doug has over 27 years of expertise in all phases of information systems development. As the lead architect for the GAME infrastructure deployed at various organizations across  BC, Doug is the top GAME data warehouse specialist in the province.

Doug is an expert at both enterprise and generic data modeling and has played a leading role in this area for a large variety of clients. He successfully merged the principles of active database theory (the combination of database and business rules) with data quality concepts preached by Larry English, to produce the sophisticated metadata driven business rules and data quality management found in the GAME infrastructure.

Doug is also a practiced facilitator, with many years of experience facilitating business requirements development with diverse audiences.


Sean Burnett – Director, Finance & Administration

Sean is responsible for business support processes at Resonate. He holds a Masters degree in Applied Economics and has a unique skill set  combining health economics with systems development. Since 1993, Sean has worked as a business analyst, health economist and policy researcher. As Director of Pharmacare Policy and Program Analysis for the BC Ministry of Health Services, Sean gained valuable experience in the policy development lifecycle and demonstrated that ad-hoc policy analysis can be pro-active to anticipate the information needs for decision-makers.