Make it Repeatable

Resonate’s extensive research experience has identified a common theme.  Government ministries produce a lot of excellent analysis, but this work often goes toward one-time research efforts.  Updating analysis often becomes as much work as the first time it was done.

Managed analytics is a set of best practices that overcome traditional data analysis environment weaknesses:

  • Adhoc
  • Reactive
  • Opaque
  • Inconsistent
  • Labour intensive

to a managed one that includes:

  • Documented methods
  • Automated processes
  • Stakeholder visibility
  • Staff training and skill certification
  • Fast, repeatable and tested processes

Managed Analytics best practices include:

  • Information request tracking systems
  • Data access management systems
  • Analytic methods registries
  • Data analysis issue/resolution registries
  • Data dictionaries
  • Data transformation code registries
  • Definition management systems
  • Term glossaries
  • Development and test environments separate from production
  • Report development standards and template libraries
  • Report catalogues
  • Skill training and assessment to enable staff certification that ensures they can correctly complete assignments

Resonate’s research services, coupled with our strong information technology background allows us to deliver sophisticated analytics which are repeatable, documented and tested.