Public Health Systems and Electronic Health Record Projects

Resonate consultants have deep experience in public health in British Columbia,Saskatchewan and Ontario, with expert knowledge of both the current widely-used iPHIS system as well as the new pan-Canadian public health surveillance system - Panorama.


Resonate staffed the BC Ministry of Health's eHealth Program Cross-Project Management Office, setting standards and providing  cross-project management expertise for the nine major projects that make up BC's eHealth electronic health record program.

Some of the public health-related projects Resonate has most recently been involved in are:

Saskatchewan Health Panorama Project

2009 - Present

This project will implement Panorama in Saskatchewan. Resonate consultants are leading the project management and business analysis team who are applying their significant knowledge and experience with the Panorama product, provincial, regional and First Nations public health organizations and business processes, and knowledge and experience with projects in the wider electronic health record domain to direct this large and critical project. The team is working with Saskatchewan public health experts and their stakeholders in the province’s public health community, developing the implementation plan, managing the budget, identifying, managing and resolving project issues and risks and working with diverse groups of internal and external executive and business stakeholders to document business requirements and achieve project goals.

First Nation Panorama Deployment in Ontario Project

2009 - Present

This project will implement the Panorama public health surveillance system in Ontario First Nation communities. Resonate consultants are leading the project management team who are applying their significant knowledge and experience with the Panorama product, provincial, regional and First Nations public health organizations and business processes, and knowledge and experience with projects in the wider electronic health record domain to direct this large and critical project.

The project management team is working with the First Nations and Inuit Health Ontario Region on behalf of First Nations in Ontario and in conjunction with the Chiefs of Ontario Office and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to coordinate and oversee project activities, including developing specific deployment plans, negotiating agreements, privacy and security analysis, data conversion plans, communication strategies, change management activities, site readiness assessments, connectivity and IT service management, and product functionality evaluation and enhancement.

The Pan-Canadian Public Health Communicable Disease Surveillance and Management Project - Panorama

2004 - 2009

Panorama support has been a cornerstone of Resonate work since the federal government first invested $100 Million in health surveillance after the SARS outbreak in 2005. Panorama was developed in BC at the Ministry of Health by a team led by Resonate consultants beginning with the initial vendor procurement in 2005.

Providing a project management team, Resonate consultants led the effort to develop Panorama across Canada’s health care sector, working with clinical and systems experts from all jurisdictions to define a strategic architecture and design and develop a system capable of being deployed into each jurisdiction’s health systems infrastructures.

The Resonate team worked to implement common message and data standards with the goal of seamless interoperability, led cross-jurisdictional working groups during the design and development phases of the project and were instrumental in developing the sustaining organization.

Resonate consultants were involved in all areas including initial planning, design and vendor procurement, pan-Canadian stakeholder engagement, project management, requirements gathering and analysis, vendor management and quality assurance of the final product.  Resonate consultants are now supporting Panorama implementation projects via the Panorama Management Office in BC,  established a jurisdictional implementation project in BC and the Yukon, and are currently managing jurisdictional implementation projects in both Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The BC Yukon Public Health Information Project

2005 - 2009

Resonate provided the project management team who worked with Ministry resources and stakeholders to confirm project scope, objectives, timeline and budget.  The team coordinated establishing the initial project governance structures, procured resources, managed issues and risks, and negotiated project agreements with Infoway, engaging with Yukon to negotiate project agreements and ensure Yukon team members were appropriately represented in BC project management structures.  They conducted workshops to establish business requirements and obtain stakeholder buy-in for the project, fundamental for ongoing change management and successful rollout.

The eHealth Program Cross-Project Management Office

2007 - 2008

eHealth is the BC Ministry of Health’s program that is transforming and enabling the sustainability of British Columbia’s health care system by developing a public and patient-centric health environment with integrated services to efficiently deliver high-quality and coordinated health care.

Staffing the eHealth Cross-Project Management Office, Resonate consultants supported nine project teams (health information access layer, lab, drug, electronic medical record, provider and client registry, diagnostic imaging, health surveillance, public health, and telehealth), engaging senior project management, physicians and other stakeholders in clinical settings, health service delivery organizations, federal/provincial/territorial ministries of health, Canada Health Infoway, software vendors and IT teams to define, develop and implement activities, processes and systems to meet common strategic goals.

The team led efforts to link BC’s operational electronic health record initiatives to provincial Ministry of Health and Infoway strategic priorities; worked to ensure electronic health record interoperability and common health standards; defined and implemented program-wide issue and risk management plans and processes, managed senior project leaders to develop realistic solutions to resolve complex issues; worked to define appropriate change management processes at both the clinical and system levels; and developed a communications strategy as well as an integrated project plan encompassing all nine projects.